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Cowhide rugs are some of the simplest items that an interior designer can bring into a home, but they are also some of the most useful. They have a great deal to offer to those who know how to take advantage of them, and everyone who is planning a room should give those advantages some thought.

Avoiding Allergies

Indoor allergies are a growing problem in most of the world, and cowhide rugs can be a useful tool for fighting that problem. The material itself is hypoallergenic, so they will not cause any adverse reactions in the vast majority of people.

Most rugs tend to trap dust and other allergens over time, but a cowhide rug will resist them. That prevents the allergens from accumulating in the room over time and causing problems, even in rooms that are not cleaned regularly. That eliminates one of the biggest causes for problems with allergies in the home, which makes these rugs a great choice for people who are sensitive to mold, pollen, and other common allergens.

Extreme Durability

Cowhide rugs are also a great choice for people with pets, or for areas that see a lot of traffic that causes rugs to wear out. They are remarkably sturdy, and they can last for years without wearing out even when they are experiencing heavy use. Part of that durability comes from the natural strength of the hide, but the design of the average cowhide rug also contributes to it. They lack many of the artificial ornaments, texturing, and frills that you can find on other rugs, which tend to wear out more quickly than other components.

They are just as resistant to messes as they are to wear and tear. While they do need cleaning, most contaminants will clean off quite easily. Wet spills will take a little more work to clean than dry pollution, but the rugs will still respond well to gentle cleaning with natural, household solutions. No harsh chemicals are necessary, so they are safer and more pleasant to clean than most artificial rugs.

Natural Design

While most of the advantages that cow rugs offer are practical, they do have plenty of aesthetic appeal to offer to a home as well. Most of the people who are drawn to these rugs love them because they offer a simple and natural appearance. That allows them to fit in most designs without any trouble. When surrounded by natural materials, they simply look like a normal part of the environment. When they are surrounded by artificial materials, they add contrast and offer a touch of rugged and natural aesthetics to the room. Their physical properties mean that they can do so in most environments, which makes them a versatile tool for interior designers.

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